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Ulf Krüger

Ulf Krüger was born on 03, September 1947 in Uelzen/Germany. Throughout the sixties he played in a variety of beat groups, including stints at the Hamburg Star-Club.

From 1969 through 1973, Krüger has studied Free Arts at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste (University of Fine Arts) in Hamburg. He went on to illustrate books and magazines (Henning Venske, “Konkret”) as well as creating album covers and cartoons.

In the seventies and eighties, Krüger belonged to “Leinemann”, a German group with skiffle roots (“Der Stern” magazine: “with their blend of ragtime, rock and skiffle Leinemann have sounded the bell to a new era on the German pop scene …”). Up until this day, he has worked on hundreds of musical composition and sketches as a writer or producer, among them various chart entries.

From 1986 through 2011, with his company of “K&K-Center of Beat” http://www.center-of-beat.com , Ulf Krüger has been the exclusive representative of Beatles photographer Astrid Kirchherr, for several years he has also represented the two-times Grammy winner Klaus Voormann.

On assignment from “Apple” Krüger has done research for the Hamburg portion of “The Beatles Anthology”, as well as acting as historical consultant for “Backbeat”, the movie about Stuart Sutcliffe, Astrid Kirchherr, and the Beatles in Hamburg.

Krüger has played a decisive role in creating both the Beatles Square and the “Beatlemania” exhibition in Hamburg. He has organized several major events (Estrel Beatles Festival Berlin, The Hamburg Sound at the HamburgMuseum) and launched various book projects, a.o. for Genesis Publications in Guildford/England (http://www.genesis-publications.com).

In 2010 , Krüger’s standard work on the Star-Club Hamburg was first published by Hannibal publishers http://www.hannibal-verlag.de. His little encyclopedia of “The Beatles in Hamburg” is published by Ellert & Richter http://www.ellert-richter.de From 2005 to 2013 Ulf Krüger was the artistic director for the renowned John Lennon Talent Award http://www.talent-award.de.

„Ulf Krüger is Skiffle in Germany!

To say that Ulf plays the Washboard is the understatement of the year. When he takes to the stage everything comes to life and the audience is not aware of any limitation in his instrument. This is because he uses his washboard as a conduit between himself and the audience. A true performer!

Lonnie Donegan”

The History of Skiffle by Ulf Krüger

So far, Krüger has been involved in the works of the following artists:

Ace Cats - Annett Louisan - Bernward Büker - Berry Sarluis – Blümchen - Bremen m. Wigald Boning - Bruno’s Salonband - Chas & Dave - Dieter Hallervorden - Echo Echo - Fips Asmussen – Gitte - Gottlieb Wendehals - Günther Willumeit - Harry Gutowsky - Harry Horror - Henning Venske - Ina Müller – Jan Willem - Johnny Hill ( Ruf Teddybär 1-4) - Jürgen von der Lippe (Guten Morgen, liebe Sorgen) - Karl Dall - Kim Fowley - Krügers Nationalpark – Leinemann (Volldampfradio) – Lonzo ( Die Dinosaurier) - Luisa Fernandez - Medium Terzett – Nationalgalerie - Neil Landon - Nico Haak - Old Merry Tale Jazzband - Paso Doble ( Computerliebe) - Peter Maffay - Peter Schilling ( Terra Titanic) – Rentnerband - Robert Kreis - Rocko Schamoni - Rocky,der Irokese - Rudolf Rock & Schocker - Sils Maria - Siw Inger - Station 17 – Subway - Sunny Jim Band - Ted Herold (Die Besten sterben jung) - Tony Sheridan - Truck Stop - Udo Lindenberg and many others.

Ulf Krüger himself has been active in:

Owl City Washboardmen – Randalls - William Thornton & Chicago Sect - Some Folks – Leinemann – Krügers Nationalpark - Olli & Ulf m. Olli Dittrich - Rudolf Rock & Schocker - Dirty Dogs – Undertakers - Neil Landon Band - UK Five

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